Foundation Stock

All ewes are different in temperament, conformation, color and mothering ability.  Our ewes are no exception.  We picked the best of the 150 ewes we had on our farm.  It took us a few months but we picked out 9 ewes that we thought made up the ideal ewes to start the new chapter in our lives.  We ended up picking two twin sisters, not knowing they were sisters until their registration papers were looked at.  The ewes we did choose are good representation of our flock.  I spent hours researching different rams and blood lines to improve our flock.  The blood lines that make up our pedigrees include; COR, ABT, SBR, HLB and TMD.    All of our ewes go back to our original 20 ewes.   We at times would try to bring back a ewe to join our flock but they never preformed at the same high level that our flock members did.

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