Ewes and ewe lambs For Sale

We have 2 ram and 2 ewe lambs for sale.  I will be selling alosa few yearlings once they start showing that they were bred.  All ewes were bred to our new ram.   The yearlings will be sold at $1000 for a bred ewe.  Ewe lambs are $500, at 80 days.  I leave the lambs on ewes longer than normal to ensure I do not lose any udders to mastitis.

This young ewe lamb is out of a great ewe.  A six-year-old ewe out of my Augustus meatmaker line she has never required assistance lambing or had any medical or other problems.  She is a very good mother that ensures both lambs are always with her.

Dark red in color this young ewe lamb is out of my best line of ewes, her dam is also out of Augustus meatmaker.

The ram pictured was an eight month ram out of LMF 2-P and COR 15-04 Augustus Meatmaker.  We are now taking orders for future rams, however if you want a ram of the quality pictured a payment of some kind would be encouraged.