We love visitors and would love to have you come over to talk sheep.  We can be reached via phone at 580-563-6506 or email at limerickfarms@gmail.com.

You can find us at 434 Northshore Lane, Valley view, TX  76272

To be placed on a waiting list for rams or ewes  please click on the appropriate link:


We no longer raise pups, however we do stud out our male Anatolian Shepherd.  He is the last of our blood lines, close guarding he will follow the flock in our tiny pasture.  Bred to be close guarding verses a “property guard’.  You may not see him at times due to his unique camouflaged coat color, but he is always out there.  He is 27 inches at the shoulder, but still growing just turned two so still has a lot of filling to do.  I relied on my dogs completely at times, it  allowed me to check up on my sheep only a few times a week.  Complete confidence the sheep were in capable hands and would be just fine.  How many people can say that?

Raised to stay with sheep in barb wire, no I did not fence for dogs.   I raised sheep, if a dog has to have Fort Knox fencing to force him to remain in the same county as the sheep is supposed to be guarding.  Get a better Dog!

He is athletic a his grand sire whom I clocked running 35 miles an hour.  He comes from excellent blood lines, and with his unique color pattern he completely blends into his environment.   Stud fee is $500.  Same price as what I would have sold a quality pup for.   If interested in a pup from him I will pass along your information.

Hope to hear from you soon!