My husband John and I started raising sheep back in spring of 2012.  We started with 20 Dorper ewes and a registered Katahdin ram we purchased from Howard and Lavonne Brown.  We spent hours talking to Howard getting advice on everything from vaccinations and dogs.  We are very grateful to both Howard Brown and Mark Dennis for helping us over the years to get to where we are today.

At our largest we ran 150 ewes and 5 rams.  Of our original ewes we kept only one ewe.  We started out raising Dorper/Katahdin mix sheep, however our flock is now made up of 3/4 to registered Katahdin ewes making up the majority of the flock.  We have been slowly moving towards our goal of 75% of all ewes to be registered.  We heavily culled the past few years through our ewes keeping only the best of the best   We were very proud of our current flock of ewes.  We used Anatolian Shepherds as guardian dogs with our flocks on pasture.

Maximus the cat, pictured along with 8 other farm cats, do their best to keep the rats and mice population down.  Jasmine and her two pups Priapus and Kratos  protected our flock that was  kept about a mile from our farm headquarters.

updated:  due to health reasons we had to unfortunately sell most of our sheep only keeping 9 of our best ewes.  Our northern guard dogs found a home on a sheep ranch.  I thought that it was for the best for the dogs to remain sheep operations than moved to a small place in Texas.  The farm cats were all trapped and moved to the new location in Northern Texas.