Update:  We no longer raise dogs/puppies.  We decided to keep one large male brindle to use as a future stud for pick of a litter.  For those that are looking for a stud for their next litter please contact us via email.

Kai pictured below and to the left will be the mother of our second generation of guard dogs.  She is everything we look for in a dog; brave, strong, intelligent, protective and of good size.  Kai has grown into a great young dog and after much searching we have found a great mate for her.  Calm and gentle with lambs at the young age of 8 months.  Amos and Kai should be having pups this spring.  Kai’s next heat cycle should be around mid February.  Most of the litter is spoken for but if there are extra pups please call or email to be placed on a waiting list.  We do not adopt to pet homes or to those who plan on our pup or dog being the only dog on a farm.  We also do not adopt to farms under 20 acres, the dogs will get bored to easily on a place that tiny.  Our dogs are highly bonded and stay with sheep in barb wire fencing.  We expect all pups to work at a young age and they are not cuddled.  They are living with sheep at 8 weeks and working by 12-14 weeks.  Safe with lambs around 6-8 months of age with minimal supervision.

puppies 2016