All ewes are different in temperament, conformation, color and mothering ability.  Our ewes are no exception.  We have two excellent ewe lines that originate from LMF 9-Y and LMF 15-Y who are two of our original Dorper ewes.  Both ewes have funny personalities, have great conformation, and are great mothers, and good milk producers.

The ewe pictured below was very a funny girl who would sprint out in the morning from the corral to try to steal the dog’s food.  She was always the first out in the morning, waiting at the gate.  We just referred to her as number 9.  We lost her last year at the age of 5, perhaps to a heart attack, but we were lucky enough to have two ewe lambs from her.  Her offspring today still have her wonderful bone structure, shoulder and hip/butt.  Pictured below her are some of her descendants.


ewe pic


LMF 15-Y, is full of character.  She opens gates, and seems to always be in the way when we are working the sheep.  We call her descendants the “J” line, as in “Jumper.”  Five months pregnant, she jumped a 4 ft fence to get to the other side.  She has also jumped a 4 1/2 ft fence despite an injury to her front leg to visit one of the rams.  Like #9, she is also just referred to #15.  The “J” line ewes stand out among the other ewes due to their outstanding butt/hip, height, and overall size.


june2014 019