Puppies Waiting List

  • We do not have scheduled times when we do have puppies. Please understand that it may take a while before we can provide you with outstanding guardian pups. We also require that all adopters to sign a contract before taking a pup. Please remember they are still puppies that will still require supervision when adopted. They should never be thrown out in a pasture with ewes and lambs with no supervision. All female pups will be spayed or sold with the agreement that they will be spayed at a later date. We do not want our female pups sold into a situation where they are bred too young or constantly pregnant till the day they die.

    All puppies come fully vaccinated (including rabies, and sometimes rattle snake), micro chipped, wormed, have received flea/tick preventative and incase of the females spayed.

    I am willing to drive 2 hours in any direction to deliver pups or haul a pup with me if I am going somewhere. Please check my event calendar to see if any destinations are close to where you live. For a fee I will drive or haul a pup or puppies with me.

    Preferred method of contact
    Preference on sex of pup. It is sometimes easier to provide a pup if the sex of pup does not matter.
  • Number of puppies requested