Ewes and ewe lambs For Sale

We have 7 ewes and a 3 ewe lambs for sale.  We currently are breeding the ewes back so they will be sold with lambs on side if still nursing or at the very least exposed to a ram.

LMF 2-Y, last weight taken was 150 lbs as a yearling.  LMF 2-Y, recently lambed quads.  This is a first for us.  She has two girls and two boys.  $1,500 for the little family, she will be exposed to LMF Game Changer.

LMF 2-Y, Feb 2021 she had and raised twins as a yearling.  Feb 2022, she had and raised triplets.


LMF 3-Y, last weight taken was 160 lbs as a yearling.  She is known as one of the sisters.  She consistently has outstanding lambs.  Once we are assured that her udder is sound.  She will be available for $1,ooo.  She was bred by our yearling ram.

No, the lamb is not LMF 2-P.  This is her current ewe lamb.  Not for sale.  LMF 2-P most current weight taken was 165 lbs.  She has provided many outstanding lambs for us over the years.  She is now 8 years old so she will have to go.  She is recorded at 75% and with an A coat.  She will be bred back before sold.  She will go to an approved home only for a small fee.


LMF 99-Y, estimated to weight around 150 lbs. as a yearling.  She is currently running with a yearling ram.  She is half-sister to our main breeding stud ram.  This ewe is on hold since lambing.  She will be available once the lamb is old enough to wean.   We are asking $700.

LMF 31-R, she currently has twin rams nursing.  If sold with rams on her $1,000.  If waiting until the twin rams are weaned.   She will be rebred and listed at $500.

LMF 97- Y, currently pregnant as a yearling.  Not a lot of height but short and stout.  Estimated weight 130 lbs.    Asking $500.


LMF 13-Y, she lambed this fall.  She is the sister to 3-Y.   Bred back to lamb late this summer.  She was bred to LMF Game Changer.  Asking $1,000.

LMF 52-Y, is a yearling has a ram lamb that is on her side.  The ram has been sold.  She lost her ewe lamb due to accident, not her fault.  She can be picked up when the lamb is old enough to wean.  She will be exposed to LMF Game Changer.


LMF 95-Y or 96-Y.  Have not decided yet which one to sell.  I will be selling one.  They both are half-sisters to LMF Game Changer.    Asking $750.


The ram pictured was an eight month ram out of LMF 2-P and COR 15-04 Augustus Meatmaker.  We are now taking orders for future rams, however if you want a ram of the quality pictured a payment of some kind would be encouraged.